99 Things You Should have Already Seen on the Internet

Greg Rutter’s Definitive List of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You’re a Loser or Old or Something

This list may make you take a hard look at yourself and make you realize you are, in fact, an internet loser because you aren’t familiar with nearly as many of these as you should be. And maybe that’s ok, maybe the internet isn’t the place for you. Maybe you have “better” and more “productive” things to do with your time in the “real” world. Maybe we’re all just wasting so much time and energy that could be spent curing the diseased, feeding the homeless…aw fuck it, I can’t keep up this charade anymore.

Watchmen and Wall-E Mashup Trailer

Cute little robuts (that’s right, robuts) have never been more badass, especially Eve. She is one sexy laser-toting e-bitch.

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Studio Art Majors are Sex Addict Whores

That’s right. And do you know why I say Studio Art Majors are whores? Becuase I have a goddamned chart that shows they are whores. Do you have a chart showing they aren’t whores? No. Are you a Studio Art Major who has no chart proving otherwise and is now realizing you are, in fact, a whore? Good. Thank the internet.

Virginity rates among students by major

Oh, and mathletes don’t even know what sex is, unless they are sticking their hoo ha’s into the golden ratio or rubbing their cooters on Pi. (via forwardOn)

Alien vs. Predator Print Ads are Awesome

Better than the movies themselves, in so many ways. I tell you what, if I walked into a bar and saw an Alien and a Predator kicking back and playing pool, I’d go there every night. Because eventually those two are going to cause a ruckus when one loses the bet, and shit is on then. (via Super Punch, and more sweet sweet versions are there)

Alien vs. Predator Print Ads Are Better than the Movie Itself

Talk to Jack About the Homepage

Blake needs to talk to Jack about the homepage… or at least he tries to. And fails, because Jack is in love with an Auto Tuner, and uses it properly in the work place.


When Sex with Sheep is No Longer Enough

That is when you take some LED lights and add them to some of those wooly bastards. Then you chase them around at night, naked, covered in peanut butter, whoopin’ and a hollerin’.

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Airwolf versus Top Gun Mashup, Hell Yes

Stringfellow Hawk and Dom in that badasserific Airwolf go up against Maverick and Goose in their equally badasserific F-14 Tomcat, without the gay volleyball scene. And there’s still two goddamn O’s in Goose, bitches. Plus it’s a really good mashup cutting the two together. Now I’m gonna go do some of that pilot shit.

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A Visual Meter of Trilogies

A quantitative analysis of cinematic trilogies for geeks. (Via Dan Meth)

The Trilogy Meter

Back to the Future/Star Trek Mashup

You know what makes time traveling DeLoreans with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd traveling in them awesome? When that DeLorean also upgrades to a time traveling space-based missile that fucks up the Enterprise to kingdom come. With aforementioned travelers still inside. (Via TheHappyEntertainer)

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What Does a Trillion Dollars Look Like?

What Does One Trillion Dollars Look Like?

Since you’ll never see this much money in your entire life, you might as well figure out what it would look like if you ever did. Which you won’t. Because you’re never going to be that guy. You might as well go back and watch reruns of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous where Robin Leach screams out “I’M ROBIN LEACH! And on this week’s show I am going to show you things you can never fucking have!”