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Awesome, and Probably Retarded, Kid Lip Syncs

This poor kid…well…maybe he isn’t so bad off. He may have been born to be an internet superstar. Like General Bethlehem in The Postman, he was made for war. He was born for it! As was this child, a child born to be the ridicule and scorn of the internet, while moms from the midwest go “Awww, he’s just so gawsh darn cuuuutie!”

And then he punches Sarah Palin in the cooter when he comes of age.

Internet. Superstar.

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I’m Going To Be Just Like Mommy: A Stripper

When I Grow Up...I Want to be Like Mommy
A letter sent to school after a girl drew picture of what her mother did for a living. Apparently that is not a drawing of this kid’s mother rubbing her cooter on a pole for money, but instead of her finding the last shovel in the “back room” at Home Depot where Mommy works. Right. The back room. Almost fooled us. (Via Buzz Newsroom)

I Hate Sandcastles

I Hate Sandcastles

This kid is going to grow up to be 160 more pounds of awesome, minimum.