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Hooter Heaters will Make the Ta-Tas Toasty

Hooter Heaters

Concept Bra Dryer (we all know the truth: it makes boobs hotter) from BraDryer.com.

The ShamWow Dude is on a Mission Against Scientology

Buy ShamWows! Now!

Because the headphone-wearing freaky little dude who sells them is using the monies to fuck up the scientologists.

Mountain Dew is About to Get Sugar’d Up! SWEET!

Pepsi to Use Real Sugar in “Mountain Dew Throwback” in April

That’s right. Real sugar in Mountain Dew, April 20-June 13. Time to stockpile the shit out of that sweet, sweet Dew nectar.

Lucifer Made a Doll in the 60’s

YouTube Preview Image

What. The. Fuck. How did Lucifer find the time to design this evil little doll and market it amongst all the souls he was eating? What marketing executive was sitting there saying “No, it needs more laughing. Cackling even. People should be afraid to not buy this doll. If the devil possessed a child, how would that satanic baby laugh? Build me that. I can sell that. Hell, I could sell nails to Jesus.”

Best Flickr Comment Thread Ever

Anger Is the Swiss Army Knife of Emotions T-shirt

“OMG, it’s like anarchy in here. We’re minutes away from someone sticking their dick in the potato salad.”