Kitchen Gun and Toilet Grenade

Cleans everything. BANG. BANG. BANG.

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Awesome, and Probably Retarded, Kid Lip Syncs

This poor kid…well…maybe he isn’t so bad off. He may have been born to be an internet superstar. Like General Bethlehem in The Postman, he was made for war. He was born for it! As was this child, a child born to be the ridicule and scorn of the internet, while moms from the midwest go “Awww, he’s just so gawsh darn cuuuutie!”

And then he punches Sarah Palin in the cooter when he comes of age.

Internet. Superstar.

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You Clever Devil: And Still I Pee

Whitest Kids’ u Know is a little hit and miss, but when they hit they can be pretty damned funny. Like in this case, when there is a battle of urination. Laugh at it or I shall box your ears.

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Turkish People Apparently Love Obama

In a really freaky video kind of way.

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Best Gamer Video EVER: The Clan

This is pure awesome. It speaks for itself. If you are a gamer, you’ll relate exactly. Your mom is a gamer. Your mom relates.

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Paid, and Fails, to make Neighbor’s Wife Pregnant…72 Times

Paid to do it, but fails to make neighbor's wife pregnant after 72 attempts

So let me sum up: Guy can’t get wife pregnant since he is shooting blanks, so he pays the neighbor to hump his wife and get her pregnant for him. Fee is $2,500 for three nights a week over the next six months. After all that bumping uglies, there’s nothing growing in the pot, so then they all get tested. Turns out the neighbor is also shooting blanks, and his wife is forced to admit that their two children are not his. You can’t make this shit up.

Coolest Chameleon Ever

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Yes, the chameleon is cool, he’s shifting colors like a crazed drag queen who needs to maintan camoflauge while infiltrating a foreign army of crazed hairstylists. But the real question is why does the person who owns said chameleon own so many tacky goddamn sunglasses…unless they have a time machine and stole them from the set of Miami Vice.

Kid Paints 60-foot Dong on Parent’s Roof

Kid Paints 60-foot Penis on Mom and Dad's Roof

Some 18-year old kid in the UK painted a 60-foot penis on the roof of his mum’s and dad’s £1million house. Because he hasn’t matured yet beyond the point of giggling about dick. Or he wants to advertise his penis review burlesque show to the pilots in that region of the world. Both seem equally plausible (va BBC)

The Funniest and Hottest Ventriloquist Ever

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It’s quite a sweet voice on the little monkey, but with tits its fucking sinister. (via Yes, ICantSeeYou)

8-bit Hip Hop Medley Drops the Beats

8-bit Hip Hop Medley

Jay-Z, Ludacris, Kanye, and more droppping 8-bit like its hot. Makes me wanna rescue a princess and then knock that bitch around a bit, tip a 40 in memory of Yoshi, hang out in sewer pipes and randomly beat the shit out of bricks looking for gold coins.