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Paid, and Fails, to make Neighbor’s Wife Pregnant…72 Times

Paid to do it, but fails to make neighbor's wife pregnant after 72 attempts

So let me sum up: Guy can’t get wife pregnant since he is shooting blanks, so he pays the neighbor to hump his wife and get her pregnant for him. Fee is $2,500 for three nights a week over the next six months. After all that bumping uglies, there’s nothing growing in the pot, so then they all get tested. Turns out the neighbor is also shooting blanks, and his wife is forced to admit that their two children are not his. You can’t make this shit up.

Studio Art Majors are Sex Addict Whores

That’s right. And do you know why I say Studio Art Majors are whores? Becuase I have a goddamned chart that shows they are whores. Do you have a chart showing they aren’t whores? No. Are you a Studio Art Major who has no chart proving otherwise and is now realizing you are, in fact, a whore? Good. Thank the internet.

Virginity rates among students by major

Oh, and mathletes don’t even know what sex is, unless they are sticking their hoo ha’s into the golden ratio or rubbing their cooters on Pi. (via forwardOn)

Hottest Turtle Sex Video Ever

If you’ve never seen a turtle hump a high-top shoe, then boy are you in for a treat. Note that there is a visible turtle penis in this video, so if that kind of thing scares you or disturbs your delicate sensibilities, kill yourself. (Via deleteyourself)

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