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CHANGE Into a Truck Art Prints

Change Into a Truck

Tim Doyle has created the inevitable Obama parody featuring Optimus Prime. Demoautocrats! ROLL OUT! (Via /film)

Flava Fav: A Face only a Crack Rock could Love

Flava Flav: A Face only a Crack Rock could Love

Absence of evidence does not stop me from making wild accusations, typically. Especially if the accusation is funny. (Source unknown)

Who’s Values are Screwed Up?

American Values at their Best

Why it’s our values that are screwed up, of course! This was a trick question, dumbass. (Source unknown)

Rihanna Beating Picture Released

Rihanna Beating Picture via TMZ

Maybe next time she’ll listen! (via TMZ) - (Ain’t I a stinker?)

I Hate Sandcastles

I Hate Sandcastles

This kid is going to grow up to be 160 more pounds of awesome, minimum.