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Best Flickr Comment Thread Ever

Anger Is the Swiss Army Knife of Emotions T-shirt

“OMG, it’s like anarchy in here. We’re minutes away from someone sticking their dick in the potato salad.”

Nuke the Shit out of Your City with Google Maps

Ground Zero

This mapplet shows the thermal damage caused by a nuclear explosion. Search for a place, pick a suitable weapon and press “Nuke It!” The asteroid option is fun, you know, because screw everybody.

Video Game Wallpaper Remakes by Orioto

Videogame Remakes by Orioto

Cool wallpaper remakes of video games, high quality. Orioto even offers free high-res versions for printing.

Watchmen Will Be Fucking Awesome

Spoiler Alert: WATCHMEN is fucking awesome.

Or so say the nerds of the world. WESLEY CRUSHER, MAKE IT SO! And put this thong on, my lad. - Dirty Picard.

Dinosaurs Fucking Robots

Dinosaurs Fucking Robots

A showcase where artists and comedians can come together and make pictures of… dinosaurs fucking robots… with inspirational phrases.